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beconeBecoming One: Emotionally, Spiritually, and Sexually
by Joe Beam

No matter what your marriage is like today, the principles taught in this award-winning book can create new feelings of love and intimacy where little exist, or it can enrich the loving relationship you may already have. Learn how to experience deeper levels of closeness on an emotional level, exciting intensity in your sexual relationship, and the most fulfilling intimacy of all--spiritual oneness. Click here to purchase.

cliamsofChristlg2The Claims of Christ
by Dr. Barry Davis

The Claims of Christ explores Jesus' claims on who He was and what those claims mean to us today. It invites us to sit in on the teachings of Jesus by examining the cultural setting in which they were made and how they still speak to our contemporary culture with amazing relevance and truth. Great for Bible class!
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pastguiltGetting Past Guilt: Embracing God's Forgiveness
by Joe Beam

Forgiveness. The word itself fills our hearts with peace and hope. But countless Christians are plagued by haunting feelings of shame and inadequacy. Joe Beam gently unmasks your fears and reveals assurances and teachings from God's Word that will fill you with the peace you crave.
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csesnselgCommon Sense, Church Sense, or Nonsense
by Ron Carlson

Ron Carlson wades into the ranks of us often-too-solemn church folks, poking fun at our foibles, deflating our stuffy egos, hooting at our hang-ups, good-naturedly exposing the foolishness we sometimes practice in the name of Jesus. His holy purpose is to wake us up to Christ's mandates for his chosen people, to call us to replace nonsense with what he calls "church sense." Click here to purchase.

stus.jpgSeeing the Unseen: Preparing Yourself for Spiritual Warfare
by Joe Beam

In this newly revised and updated bestseller, Joe Beam reveals Satan's powerful weaponry--his lies, deceptions, and manipulations--and unmasks his strategy to destroy your life and those you care for. This is not a book of wild sensationalism; rather, it is a dedicated study of God's Word and a sharing of stories of tragedy and triumph. Open this book, unmask your enemy and prepare for victory! Click here to purchase.

tenthingsyoucantsayTen Things You Can't Say in America by Larry Elder

Larry Elder tells truths this nation's public figures are afraid to address. In The Ten Things You Can't Say in America, he turns conventional "wisdom" on its head and backs up his commonsense philosophy with cold, hard facts many ignore. Elder says what no one else will.

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nodebtNo Debt, No Sweat
by Steve Diggs

No Debt, No Sweat! shows Christians how to free themselves from the bondage of financial pain. It is written for people who are financially sound and looking for investment strategies as well as people who are in financial turmoil and need a successful plan for getting out of debt. Author Steve Diggs discusses some very serious issues, with a style that is humorous and upbeat. Click here to purchase.

cantsilentWhy You Can't Stay Silent
by Tom Minnery

Should Christians withdraw from societal involvement and put their efforts solely into building up the church? Some leading evangelicals have suggested as much. Tom Minnery opposes that view. In Why You Can't Stay Silent, the author challenges Christians to engage themselves in culture and use their God-given gifts to be positive influencers in an increasingly post-Christian world. Click here to purchase.

fanfamFantastic Families: Steps to Building a Strong Family
by Dr. Nick Stinnett and Joe Beam

Learn from 14,000 strong families how to have a fantastic family. With the help of this book, you can take the guesswork out of parenting and be assured you are building not only a strong family--but a fantastic family. Dr. Stinnett is a professor at the University of Alabama and Joe Beam is president of Family Dynamics Institute.
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JCprop2The Jesus Proposal: A Theological Framework for Maintaining Unity
by Dr. Rubel Shelly

The Jesus Proposal acknowledges important points of modern culture without compromising the essence of the gospel. Rubel Shelly and John York present frameworks and guidelines for unity in churches and outreach to the world with the message Jesus brought over 2,000 years ago and offers answers to the question: How does the church unite in spite of its differences? --Click here to purchase.

wildatheartWild at Heart
by John Eldredge

Simply look at the dreams and desires written in the heart of every boy: To be a hero, a warrior, to live a life of adventure. Sadly, most men abandon those dreams and desires--aided by a Christianity that feels like nothing more than pressure to be a nice guy. It is no wonder many men avoid church. In this provocative book, Eldredge gives women a look inside the true heart of a man and gives men permission to be what God designed them to be. Click here to purchase.



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